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A Gordon For Me

By Dave Weston
Country Music Entertainer

"Why are you feet striped?" "I wear Gordons!"...

"Gordons"... bush sandals... discovered in the Man/Magnum hunting and outdoor magazine mail order for only R99. Khaki or Navy Blue... like the Khaki myself!... 20 years of excellent service... and now they decided not to make them any more!

"Don't those things ever wear out?"...from the young man in the Gordons Shop in Halfway House.

...comfortable, silent in the bush, keep your feet firm wet or dry, on rocks or sand. Lets the air circulate. Supple soles and webbing straps, velcro fastner...no clumsy plastic buckles to break off. Worn all summer long for the last 20 years and starting to look like their owner...well run in!

... always know a Gordons wearer, they have striped feet, from the suntan you see...
it's like a badge of pride!...

A Gordon for me!... a Gordon for me!... (old song about the Gordon Highlanders) things keep changing... not always for the better...

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